Debunking the short-form content myths

The magical 90-120 sec video formula is a myth propagated by companies who want to sell you 90-120 sec videos (and the platforms that carry them). What most consumers are unwilling to watch for longer than a couple of bad content.


5 tips for digital content

Combining an influencer outreach programme, traditional PR and an initial burst of paid media can give your content that boost it needs to get an audience’s attention and get that Share snowball rolling.

Seizing Social Media Moments

Great content in the hands of an empowered team mean social media marketing success Events unfold on social media in real time. That means your social media marketing team needs to have the know-how, the creativity and the authority to take advantage of events as they happen to create relevance and excitement around your brand.... Continue Reading →

Conveying a Brand Persona through Video

Video is an excellent medium to either educate consumers, especially as telecommunications technologies are increasingly becoming complex, or even sway public opinion. Most of all, videos are excellent for showing a lighter, more human side.

The Anatomy of a Real-Time Social Media Marketing Campaign

"Choosing to run your campaign in social media means accepting that you can’t control all the variables ... You won’t have the luxury of determining with senior management whether or not a piece of creative is “on” or “off brand” or goes “too far”. It means taking a small group of people in the organization and empowering them to make decisions on the spot ... And if that makes people in your company nervous, that just means you are on the right track."

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