Why Brands must also be good storytellers

The challenge for brands in the age of consumer choice is this: create content that my target audience will seek out and willingly consume, rather than avoid.


What Brands Storytellers Must Learn from Hollywood

Last week I talked about why brands must master storytelling and take their lead from Hollywood with Click2View's Simon Kearney for their inaugural podcast. The podcast is available on iTunes here. You can also play it below: https://soundcloud.com/simon-kearney-1/the-click2view-content-hour-episode-1  

Promote the Most Important Brand Of All: Your Own

For my parents’ generation, career advice was relatively straightforward: get a high-paying job with a large, stable company and you’re pretty much set up for life. Even today, this is still considered conventional wisdom, especially in Asia where large conglomerates dominate several industries. I once had one of those “stable” jobs, a marketing management position... Continue Reading →

5 tips for digital content

Combining an influencer outreach programme, traditional PR and an initial burst of paid media can give your content that boost it needs to get an audience’s attention and get that Share snowball rolling.

“Top Gun”

I was awarded the "Top Gun Award for Best Digital Champion". The distinction was based on votes from industry peers in the digital media & marketing industry in Singapore.

When “Fans” go too far

"It's naive to think a single comment is capable of instantly reversing sentiment but sometimes, that isn't the point. Sometimes the point is standing up for what your values are and what your brand represents."

London Calling

London Calling, a photo by phatfreemiguel on Flickr. I was a guest of WPP at their recent eCommerce Tour in London. For two days we were given a glimpse into what is arguably the world's most advanced eCommerce market, the UK. We also got to hear from some of the leaders in the field: representatives... Continue Reading →

Using Social Media isn’t “Free”

In the article "P&G To Lay Off 1,600 After Discovering It's Free To Advertise On Facebook​" published in Business Insider, it is reported that one of the world's biggest advertisers, Procter & Gamble, "would lay off 1,600 staffers, including marketers, as part of a cost-cutting exercise." P&G is one of many major marketing organizations finally... Continue Reading →

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