On LinkedIn: People follow People

If you want to use LinkedIn to project an image for your company, don’t talk about this from behind your corporate logo. Speak through the people who bring your company values to life: your leaders, your employees.

4 Ways To Ensure Your Profile Stands Out on LinkedIn

The inimitable Buzz Aldrin (2nd from left), posing for a photo with fellow surviving Apollo astronauts in a photo shoot for Forbes. First impressions matter. Try to recall the first time a larger-than-life character appeared on screen in your favorite movie and instantly stole the show. Often your LinkedIn profile is how you make a... Continue Reading →

Three Simple Tips for your LinkedIn profile, Star Wars Edition

Before you attempt to sell yourself or your company, demonstrate that you are willing to give: Share an interesting item you’ve read about the industry and add your comments. If you met up with an old colleague or met someone interesting at an industry event, people are probably interested in your photos. Even better, write an article yourself or make a video.

Promote the Most Important Brand Of All: Your Own

For my parents’ generation, career advice was relatively straightforward: get a high-paying job with a large, stable company and you’re pretty much set up for life. Even today, this is still considered conventional wisdom, especially in Asia where large conglomerates dominate several industries. I once had one of those “stable” jobs, a marketing management position... Continue Reading →

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