What Brands Must Learn from the Entertainment Industry

https://youtu.be/pvzz4feCqWE Digital media has changed consumer expectations and tolerances. We live in a world of unprecedented consumer choice. Consumers expect to be able to consume content whenever and wherever they want, on the device of their own choosing. In such a world, consumers prefer to pay a subscription fee for quality content – whether news, music or... Continue Reading →


What Brands Storytellers Must Learn from Hollywood

Last week I talked about why brands must master storytelling and take their lead from Hollywood with Click2View's Simon Kearney for their inaugural podcast. The podcast is available on iTunes here. You can also play it below: https://soundcloud.com/simon-kearney-1/the-click2view-content-hour-episode-1  

Social Media Tech and Philippine Politics

What to expect when you frequently criticize President Duterte's government on Twitter If you follow politics in the Philippines today, you will find a country deeply divided along political lines. Much of the conflict centers on how you feel about the extremely popular but controversial President Rodrigo Duterte. Regardless of where you stand in the political... Continue Reading →

5 tips for digital content

Combining an influencer outreach programme, traditional PR and an initial burst of paid media can give your content that boost it needs to get an audience’s attention and get that Share snowball rolling.

Seizing Social Media Moments

Great content in the hands of an empowered team mean social media marketing success Events unfold on social media in real time. That means your social media marketing team needs to have the know-how, the creativity and the authority to take advantage of events as they happen to create relevance and excitement around your brand.... Continue Reading →

What makes great Social?

"If your social media is to be anything more than a sideshow, it needs to be embraced and championed by the company's senior leadership ... Many social media "purists" will argue that great social media doesn't need paid advertising and that content and creativity alone should drive audience engagement. Personally, I find this point of view both narrow and naive."

When “Fans” go too far

"It's naive to think a single comment is capable of instantly reversing sentiment but sometimes, that isn't the point. Sometimes the point is standing up for what your values are and what your brand represents."

IAB Executive Brand Breakfast

I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion organized by IAB Singapore for its Executive Brand Breakfast series. My fellow panelists were Norman Tan from the Singapore Tourism Board, Vernon Vasu from the Health Promotion Board and Damien Cummings from Samsung. The discussion was moderated by Loren Shuster from Google. We discussed what... Continue Reading →

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