On LinkedIn: People follow People

If you want to use LinkedIn to project an image for your company, don’t talk about this from behind your corporate logo. Speak through the people who bring your company values to life: your leaders, your employees.

Three Simple Tips for your LinkedIn profile, Star Wars Edition

Before you attempt to sell yourself or your company, demonstrate that you are willing to give: Share an interesting item you’ve read about the industry and add your comments. If you met up with an old colleague or met someone interesting at an industry event, people are probably interested in your photos. Even better, write an article yourself or make a video.

Debunking the short-form content myths

The magical 90-120 sec video formula is a myth propagated by companies who want to sell you 90-120 sec videos (and the platforms that carry them). What most consumers are unwilling to watch for longer than a couple of minutes...is bad content.

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