The Real Reasons You Should Speak at Conferences

Each conference represents a chance to stand out and be remembered as the industry leader you are. 


Social Media Tech and Philippine Politics

What to expect when you frequently criticize President Duterte's government on Twitter If you follow politics in the Philippines today, you will find a country deeply divided along political lines. Much of the conflict centers on how you feel about the extremely popular but controversial President Rodrigo Duterte. Regardless of where you stand in the political... Continue Reading →

Celebrate your Champions

When driving digital transformation in your organization, your early converts are among your best assets. These are the first employees who have stepped forward to embrace the change...the ones who will win over others and infect them with their enthusiasm.

Purple Reign

I decided that I would do what (probably) Prince would have wanted: if you wanted to listen to his music, you had to go and buy his goddamn record.

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