LESSONS FROM HOLLYWOOD: How Brands can use Storytelling to Build a Loyal Audience

How is Digital changing the Marketing industry? What is Content Marketing? And why should Brands learn to behave like media companies? I answer those questions through this lecture at Social Selling 2018 in Singapore last month.

For a century, Marketers have been in the business of interruption. That is, inserting their brand messages in between the consumer and the content he is actually trying to get to.

In this video I challenge marketers to interest instead of interrupt, by developing content that the target audience actually wants and will consume willingly. I ask brands to pull audiences by creating content with genuine value, rather than simply push messages at them. And I share the benefits of a Content-based marketing strategy versus a Campaign-based one.

To meet the challenge, brands need to learn from the masters of content creation: Hollywood and the modern entertainment industry. This means both mastering the craft of Storytelling as well as understanding the value of owning your own audience.

These principles apply regardless of industry sector or even budget. In this video, I demonstrate how successful content marketing is applied in both major, multinational brands like HP, Nike, John Deere, Red Bull, Michelin, Del Monte, GE and Schneider Electric as well as SMEs you’ve probably never heard of.

Contact me and let me help you develop your own brand’s content marketing strategy!


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