Conveying a Brand Persona through Video


Presenting in Singapore on 23 May 2013
Presenting in Singapore on 23 May 2013

At the Content Marketing Conference held in Singapore and Hong Kong, I gave a presentation on how SingTel uses video to express a warmer, more approachable brand persona through videos designed for social media distribution.

We have found video is an excellent medium to either educate consumers or even sway public opinion, especially as telecommunications technologies are becoming increasingly complex. The following video is an example of how SingTel educates consumers about maintaining and growing its mobile network:


Most of all,  videos are excellent for showing a lighter, more human side to SingTel. The following video summarizes how SingTel got consumers talking about 4G by partnering with comedian Hossan Leong and using Twitter and Youtube:


You can view the entire presentation below, which includes links to all the videos presented.


Read about how social media matters to brands like SingTel.


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