On 14 March 2013, SingTel’s Twitter handle @singtel was handed over to multi-talented funnyman Hossan Leong. Tweets from consumers were turned into video skits and published on Youtube within minutes. Here are some of my favorites.

It all started at 9am with this video from Hossan Leong inviting consumers to provide (through Twitter using the hashtag #need4gspeed) situations when having a high-speed 4G connection comes in handy.

The first video posted was in response to a tweet by @socialsoldier1: “I need the special ingredient for my grandma’s recipe!”

This was posted in response to @jingkaing, who tweeted: “Constipated and stuck in the toilet, #need4gspeed to kill time and for unclogging tips”. (I’m not sure why but we had a lot of toilet-related tweets that day!)

This was posted in response to @guoweiho, who tweeted: “Too often ive missed out on animal planet birthing scenes”. (I know right!)

Both @danielgoh and @charlesneo commented on the similarity between this campaign and the Old Spice campaign, which prompted this response from Hossan.

By the afternoon, the campaign had drawn the attention of news media, including Cnet Asia. This was Hossan’s response to their request for “cat videos”.

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And finally, my favorite of the lot, a response to @leyateo who wanted to watch her “Korean dramas”.

You can watch all 23 videos posted here … including, regrettably, this final video. Enjoy!

The SingTel #Need4GSpeed team

The SingTel #Need4GSpeed team

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