5 Stories Often Shared on LinkedIn That Have No Basis in Fact

LinkedIn, just like any other social media network, isn’t free of fake news. So you need to be careful that in sharing to your network of contacts, you aren’t inadvertently contributing to the spread of misinformation.

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Three Simple Tips for your LinkedIn profile, Star Wars Edition

Before you attempt to sell yourself or your company, demonstrate that you are willing to give: Share an interesting item you’ve read about the industry and add your comments. If you met up with an old colleague or met someone interesting at an industry event, people are probably interested in your photos. Even better, write an article yourself or make a video.

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How Culture is Key to Driving Innovation

Last year, while working as Vice President of Digital Marketing & Audience Development at Mediacorp, I was part of a panel of digital transformation experts at an event called "Engaging the Workforce of the Future" hosted by Workday.  I share some of my thoughts in this series of videos from the panel discussion.  In this... Continue Reading →

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